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The study and treatment of orthodontia is inseparably connected with that of art as related to the human face.  The most important factor in making or marring the beauty and form of the mouth largely depend on the placement of the teeth and the manner in which they relate to each other.

We will examine the following cases from three perspectives. Please peruse the results from the facial, smile and occlusal or bite views

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The face is the major determinant influencing orthodontic treatment choice.  A smile properly planned, and produced, will have an enormous effect on not only a patients smile but in addition, on the overall facial appearance

Please peruse the following photos of our cases to evaluate out treatment results.

2. SMILE ESTHETIC ANALYSIS: Enduring, a smile for you!

A pleasant smile makes a lasting impression.  We strive to show the teeth within the smile framework as outlined by the lips. We want the upper lip to drape near the lip gum line of the upper teeth in the form of an arc. The lower edges of the upper teeth should follow the arc of the lower lip. We strive to show teeth on the sides of the smile framework and show lower teeth.  The upper midline should be in the centre of the face and align with the lower midline These considerations enhance the smile and facial esthetics. Please examine the following cases.

3. THE BITE OR OCCLUSION (the way the teeth fit together)

The teeth must fit similar to a jigsaw puzzle.  In addition, this must occur when the jaw joints are seated in the proper relationship with respect the skull, and the muscles that bring the jaw together are in a relaxed state. When this occurs we have proper function that provides long term health and stability to the oral structures. Interestingly this usually occurs with facial and smile esthetics are at their best. Please check tour occlusal results.

4. THE FOURTH DIMENSION (time, aging):

We now know that slow skeletal or bony changes occur after adolescence into the adult years. This can eventually cause alterations in the bony contours of the face, jaw relationships and the dental occlusion.

In addition cutaneous (skin) aging or changes occurs through two biologically distinct processes, intrinsic and extrinsic aging. We are concerned with INTRINSIC changes which are naturally occurring from slow tissue degeneration. As we get older the skin naturally thins and becomes less elastic and more fragile. Fat in the deeper layers of the skin, that gives the skin a plump appearance, starts to lessen. This causes loose, saggy skin and more pronounced lines and crevices and wrinkles. 

The general soft tissue characteristics of maturation and aging are increased nasal projection and less lip projection as thinning of the lips produces flattening of the profile. It is essential to place the teeth, which act as a framework to support the soft tissue, in the proper position to counteract these naturally occurring aging processes. Where we place the teeth will affect facial esthetics for the rest of the patients lives. Please view the following photos to visualize the importance

5. OUR RESULTS, putting it all together:

All patient photos in this web site are cases finished by Dr. Bezanson in his Fall River Office between 2009 and 2011. All of the cases have been treated without extraction of permanent teeth except two cases. All cases were treated non-surgically except one case. Two of the photos are of patients from Dr. Bezanson's former office.
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