"Upon referral from my dentist, Dr. Greg MacDonald, I attended Dr. Bezanson’s orthodontic clinic. From the initial assessment visit to the day the braces came off the service was extremely professional.  Dr. Bezanson took the time to explain the process and related procedures, ensuring I understood and was comfortable with the decisions that were made.

The assistance from his front office administration staff to accommodate appointment scheduling, dealing with insurance inquiries and processing the related paperwork was dealt with in a most proficient and helpful manner. Kathy is a master organizer and always a friendly voice on the phone to assist wherever required.

I’m pleased with the end result and fully endorse the work of Dr. Bezanson and his staff."

-A. Lathem

"I came to Bezanson Orthodontics office shortly after they opened in the Fall River Area.  Being a 50 plus adult, I made an inquiry with Dr. Bezanson about the possibility of braces to correct my smile. I had always wished that I had had braces as a child and with a new orthodontist in the area, the timing seemed to be right.

I made my decision immediately to proceed with Dr.Bezanson’s prescribed line of treatment.  I enjoyed my regular visits to the clinic- Kathy always had a welcoming

smile  and Susan was very efficient and friendly as Dr. Bezanson’s assistant.  Within 2 years my treatment was complete and I walked away with a winning smile and some newfound confidence! Dr. Bezanson was always very efficient, professional and with his experience in the field, I knew I was in good hands. As I said to them when my braces came off, why did I ever wait 53 years to have this done?? I am very happy with my results – it makes me smile J!"

-Sue B.

"Before i had braces i was picked on and made fun of by people because I had bucked teeth, now I feel good because I know I am not going to have bucked teeth anymore and people dont make fun of me. I am more confident and I even smile alot more which my mom likes because before I wouldnt and didnt want anyone to see my teeth...Dr Bezanson is a good person, he is nice and kind and I like going to see him,I really look forward to getting my braces off, everything that was done was worth it."

-Colten M. Age 11

"It took 25 years to finally decide to get my teeth fixed. I was embarrassed of them from the time I was 20. My parents tried to take me to an orthodontist when I was 14 and I refused, what a mistake that was. At 38 I decided I should get them fixed and saw one orthodontist. He said he could fix them and give me a pretty good smile without breaking my jaw, however I backed out! Then at 40 I saw another one and he said he would need to break my jaw and it would take four years. Well at 40 I was not about to go through the grief of getting my Jaw broken and wire shut for six months!! Then one day during my normal dental checkup, my Dentist recommended I see Dr Bezanson, who was opening up a new clinic in fall River after 25 years of practicing in Moncton. I took my Dentist’s recommendation and to say I’m ecstatic would be an understatement. I was in to see Dr Bezanson, his wife Kathy, and his assistant Susan as soon as the clinic opened. Dr Bezanson was gracious and reassuring that he could fix my teeth and give me a great smile in 2 years without breaking my jaw. This is one doctor that definitely knows his business! 2 years later I have a great smile and teeth I’m very proud to show off any opportunity I get!!!

Thanks Dr B, Kathy, and Susan! My only regret is not meeting you earlier in life!!!"


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